Mobile Home College Living at Auburn University

23 May Mobile Home College Living at Auburn University

Why should you want to live in a mobile home during your college years?

With a mobile home you have your own yard with no one above, below, or beside you making noise while you try to study or sleep. When I was in college at Auburn I lived in a mobile four out of the five years I was there. I had some great neighbors my first few years, and we looked out for each other. We would throw the football or baseball in our yards most afternoons. We never had to worry about bothering anyone around us. The one year I lived in an apartment the people above me would have a party at least once a week.  Most of the time it was the night before I had a big test or long day of work ahead. My senior year I moved back into a mobile home.  It was so nice to have my own space again.  I became friends with my new neighbors and they didn’t have to worry about disturbing me with their frequent guitar practice, and I didn’t have to worry about disturbing them by playing my stereo too loud.  There are so many aspects of college to enjoy. Living in a mobile home allows you the peacefulness and quietness you need to study as well as the privacy and space you need to enjoy the things you like to enjoy without disturbing those around you.  It seems like a no brainer to me.

Now from a financial stand point, why rent when you can buy?

When you rent you are just throwing money away. You never see a return on your investment.  When you buy you have a chance of getting some, if not all, of you money back.  For example, if you rented an apartment for $500 a month for four years your total spending on rent would be $24,000.  When you buy a two bedroom and two bath (14X70 feet equivalent to 901 sq. feet) with approved credit and $3,000.00 down you would pay $312.18 per month for a 12 year note or $352.46 for 10 year note plus lot rent. If you wanted to sell your home after four years you could lose a very small amount of money or break even. Regardless, the money would be no where near the $24,000 loss you spent on renting an apartment.

From a comfort and financial stand point why would you not want to live in a mobile home in college?

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